FAQ in English

What does it mean to get involved in manugoo-projects?

The whole concept of our platform is based our the ideas and opinions of our community. That means that every user has the opportunity to join various projects in different steps. We begin with the delivery of a daily problem and continue with the development of a simple solution in form of a product. The so-called Crowdsourcing-Process helps to develop innovative products.

The different steps:

- share a problem

- deliver an idea

- state your opinion

- make profit


Share a problem:

– share daily problems which can be solved with an innovative product.

– we do not deal with psychological oder medical problems, we create products to “touch”.

– in general it is better, if there does not exist any solution for a problem. But if there already is one, which is not good enough, please send us other sources where you found the other product.

– every person who supports the development of a product in any way can earn money. The percentage of your proportion is listed up at the end of “make profit”.


Deliver an idea:

– deliver an idea which deals with products to “touch”, which is innovative and solves a problem

– we do not need ideas if there already exists a perfect product, if we violate others’ rights, if it is a digital solution (apps) or is not realizable. Also we do not accept food/drinks, weapons, indecent products or products which would be too expensive to buy .

– the higher the interest on market and potential of a product is the higher the chance to become realizable. A decisive factor is the competition, so we need detailed researches. Also the quantity and the time the product stays for sell has influence. Additionally it is important how developed an idea already is, whether the product already can be solved or if we have to put mor effort in it. If it takes too much time the manugoo team unfortunately has to reject an idea. Exceptions have to be discussed on.


Pay attention to:

– Will the problem be solved?

– How many people would buy it?

– Do we have competition?

– Interest on the internet/media…?

– Sustainability

– Potential on market

– Possible partners

– Consumption/investment

– Local or international sales

– Existing partners

– Existing similar products

– Packaging effort

– Logistic effort

– Stocking costs

– Status of progress

– Prototypes/models/design

– CAD datas

– Potential

– Amount of products

– Profit

– Costs for production

– Costs for investment

– Dangers

– Complexity

– Error rate

– Maintenance effort

– Developing effort

– Time/effort in general

– Updates

– Optimization

– Progression


State your opinion:

For our concept, which is based on our community, the opinion is the most important factor to develop a product. Vote, deliver your problems, ideas and share your opinion. Then you will influence the next big production!


  1. Vote for a problem or share your own problem.
  1. Vote for an idea or share your own idea.
  1. Vote for the techniques, form, colour, material and the price the new product in developmentshould have. The majority decides!


Make profit:

every user, who supported a successful product makes profit. The percentage depends on the effort and importance for development. The crowd’s proportion will tend between 5- and 20% of the brutto retail price and you earn money per sold product. So products, which are sold by partners or online, will bring in 5% profit. Every product sold by the official manugoo-website will bring in 20% profit. That means there will be a mixed calculation and every Euro will bring in between 5 and 20 Cents. These 5-20% will be devided in our community like this:

- share a daily problem = 2,5%

- share your idea = 40%

- helping with the research = 7,5%

- Fixing and giving ideas for functions = 7,5%

- Fixing and giving ideas for design = 7,5%

- Fixing material/colour = 5%

- Deciding the price = 2,5%

- Creating a brand (slogans, names, packaging…) = 5%

- Other votings = 5%

- Crowdfunding = 5%

- Professional support = 15%